Utility Information

Utilities and Power OutagesAfter an emergency, there may be an interruption to your utilities, especially your power supply. In advance of an emergency, plan what you might do in the event your electric is interrupted. This is especially important if you are power dependent. Keep the most recent copy of your utility bill. The telephone contact numbers on the bill enable you to call to report an outage or check the status of power being turned back on in your area.

If you do not keep a copy of your latest utility bill, there are still ways to find out who you need to call in the event of a power outage.

List of Electric Suppliers

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Code (DNREC) lists electric providers by location. Use the list to find your power provider if you do not have a copy of your bill. This allows you to report an outage after an emergency or disaster or to check on outage updates with your utility provider.


Delmarva Power

Delmarva power is one of the larger utility providers in Delaware. To report a power outage or electrical emergency, for example a pole accident, downed wire, or a tree limb on a wire, call the number that corresponds to your county:

New Castle County (DE) and Cecil and Harford Counties (MD): 1-800-898-8042

Kent and Sussex Counties (DE) and the Eastern Shore of Maryland: 1-800-898-8045

To report an emergency involving natural gas in New Castle County (DE): 1-302-454-0317

For hearing impaired customer with electric or gas emergencies: TTY 1-800-822-1200

Delaware Electric Co-op

The Delaware Electric Co-operative is a large utility provider in Delaware. Customers reporting outages should call 855-DEC-9090. It may take you multiple call attempts to get through during major outages because many people will be calling at once.

Delaware: 855-332-9090


Delaware Chamber of Commerce

The Delaware Chamber of Commerce keeps a list of difference gas and electric providers in Delaware. Visit their website to look for your utility provider.