Smart 911 logoSmart911 enables 9-1-1 to have important information about the people in your household in the event of an emergency. Citizen anywhere in the U.S. can create a Smart911 safety profile. Not all areas have Smart911 coverage, but if a person is traveling through an area that supports Smart911 and the person has a profile, their profile is accessible to first responders if they dial 911. That means if a person has a Smart911 profile and dials 911 from the phone number registered (cellphone or landline) with the Smart91 system, their important information is immediately conveyed to first responders.

Delmarva Power

Delmarva Power logoDelmarva Power encourages people who are electricity dependent to register with their Emergency Medical Equipment Notification Program. By enrolling in the program, Delmarva Power will notify you of scheduled outages in your area, as well as alerting you to severe storm warnings that might cause electrical outages that last for a while.

The Delmarva Power’s website states, “special needs customers, including those who rely on life-support equipment, are located in neighborhoods everywhere throughout our service area. During a major power outage, it is not possible to correct problems at individual locations before main substations and power lines are restored.” This means being on the list DOES NOT mean you will be prioritized to have your electricity fixed first. The list allows Delmarva to know where people are who are dependent on electricity for medical issues.

Delaware Emergency Notification System (DENS)

The Delaware Emergency Notification System (DENS) is a website where you can register your home phone or cell phone to receive notifications in the event of an emergency. A house with a listed number can be added by users online. For unlisted house numbers and cell phones, users must call 1-866-484-3264 and use the prompts to register.