Preparedness Videos

There are videos available for people with disabilities to access for information on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. This type of social media helps get messages out to people, especially those who use American Sign Language (ASL).

Emergency Management Wiki

Emergency 2.0 WikiAn emergency management wiki has a large number of ASL videos available, many of which were created by the North Texas Public Health District for their Accessible Emergency Info site. The videos cover general emergency preparedness as well as what to do to prepare for a number of hazards, like snowstorms and blizzards, earthquakes, and flooding.

North Texas Public Health District

ASL VideosThe North Texas Public Health District has a large list of ASL videos available. These videos cover general emergency preparedness, basic first aid, and specific hazards, such as hurricanes, heat waves, and specific infectious diseases. Some of these videos are also used on the Emergency Management Wiki also listed on this page.

Delaware Citizen Corp

Delaware Citizen Corps produced a five part video seriesDelaware Citizen Corp produced a five-part video series on disaster preparedness. The videos are in English and Spanish and have subtitles. The video series covers an introduction to disaster preparedness, making a plan, making a kit, sheltering or evacuating, and a general overview.